• Health and Wellness tips




Discover through mini videos the sound advice of our wellness experts who will give you simple and effective techniques to keep in shape.


  • Yoga Stretch To Release Anxiety - Wellness at Heritage Resorts

    Release stress and anxiety with accessible Yin Yoga poses presented by Agnieszka Koziarska Martinache master yoga instructor at the Seven Colours Wellness Pavilion of Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort.

  • Well-being: Gratitude is one of the most intense emotions

    What if gratitude was a key to seeing and feeling life in a positive way, whatever the situations we are facing!Have you heard of the law of attraction? "likes attract likes” meaning, a positive emotion attracts positivity and vice versa.Gratitude is one of the most intense emotions. Discover with Priyanka, Reiki Master at Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort, how to get into this emotion and allow you to attract beautiful things to your life.

  • Spine Mobility Flow through Pilates and Yoga

    Enjoy a combination of pilates postures and yoga flow to bring more comfort to your spine and feel better during these moments of sedentary lifestyle.