The Wellness Festival Mauritius hosted a three-day programme of wellness experiences and workshops that inspire, educate and empower you to find your own way towards better wellness, greater happiness, health and fulfilment.


Held in the tropical island of Mauritius, guests enjoyed the most amazing setting: a wide stretch of beach along the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean, fringed by a lush tropical nature. An outstanding spot, on the Wild Southern coast of Mauritius, bathed by water and light…


Led by international wellness leaders and local experts, the Wellness Festival Mauritius by Heritage Resorts showcased six wellness dimensions translated into 60 workshops and inspirational talks, aiming to take each guest on a journey of transformation of mind, body and soul.



      Dear Wellness followers,

      We have weighed every option we could to keep the Wellness Festival (Mauritius) by Heritage Resorts going this year, as we believed every step we take towards a Holistic approach to life would be needful.

      Perspective and clarity are paramount at the moment to address the Pandemic now a Global Emergency, and all of us in the world must focus on the best interest, and the health and wellness of the broader community.

      Out of sight, near the Heart ! We rely on your support and patience while we are taking the necessary steps to face this challenging situation and get organised for next year's event. In the meantime, we have many tales to tell through stories, experiences, paths of life…

      Can we keep the conversation going?

      Our team is actively listening to you, and should you have any questions, need information, contact us by mail: contact@wellnessfestival.mu

      Let’s aim for physical rather than social distancing. You can still follow us on :
      Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mauritiuswellfest/
      Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mauritiuswellfest/

      We part ways for a while, but it's only to get back together for the better.


      Keep safe, take care.

      The Wellness Festival Team

      • Wellness Festival Mauritius

        Who should attend the Wellness Festival Mauritius?

        The festival has something for all types of wellness seeker and nature lover, from people looking to achieve more balance in their life, for those who want to deepen their physical practice, and for those seeking personal self-development.

        Parents can bring their children as there is a kids’ club and a teen’s club at the hotel and a playful nature-wellness programme designed just for them.

        For partners or friends that are not into wellness, they may be interested to know about the 18-hole golf course, electric bike rides, nature reserve safaris, kite surfing or the relaxing beach and the two pools that are on offer at the resort.

        • Heritage C Beach Club Mauritius

          Where is the Wellness Festival Mauritius?

          The festival is taking place at the Heritage C Beach Club of Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort in the serene surroundings of southern Mauritius. The resort is part of the Heritage Domaine de Bel Ombre, a 2,500-hectare estate comprising of a white sand beach, 18- hole golf course, twelve restaurants and preserved nature reserve.

          • Wellness walk in nature

            Why Mauritius for a Wellness Festival?

            Our tropical island offers everything guests need for an idyllic wellness escape. Turquoise waters and soft white sand beaches contrast against the vibrant green tropical beauty and preserved nature, whilst the enviable warm climate helps worries melt away. Direct flights from many international destinations makes getting their easy. Leaving will be harder!

            • Personal Development

              What is the festival all about?

              The festival’s mantra is Align- Connect – Bloom. Guests come together to learn, get inspiration from others and find the tools to improve their own well-being.

              Led by international wellness leaders and local experts, the festival will offer six wellness dimensions with over 60 workshops and inspirational talks.

              • Yoga on stand-up paddle

                What are the six dimensions showcased?

                Mind-Body Practice – mindful classes in Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, Meditation and Breathing led by experts in their field.

                Nature Connection – using nature to calm the mind and connect to the elements. Expect forest bathing, meditation, mindfulness, breathing exercises and dynamic walks whilst being immersed in nature such as the spectacular UNESCO World Heritage sites of Le Morne and the Biosphere Nature Reserve.

                Holistic Health – natural approaches to reach health in the mind, body and soul, inspirational talks on how to use nutrition and plants, workshops teaching techniques to release mind and body tensions, manage stress, avoid depression and deal with life in a busy world.

                Personal Development – talks on self-understanding, removing blockages and the tools for developing a more confident and happier self.

                Artistic Expression – opportunities for self-expression and achievement of wellbeing through artistic pursuits such as singing, playing music, dancing, acting and painting. Open to all budding artists who have yet to unleash their talents.