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Delivering the safest environment for the most memorable stay.


Here is our commitment to providing our guests with the confidence they deserve:

the safest environment during their stay with us, fully compliant with social distancing guidelines and WHO recommendations and best practices.


As we believe we are soon to welcome you back on our paradise island of Mauritius, we have imagined the safest environment away from home for you and your loved ones.  


Maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene has always been a priority throughout our Standards of Operations, and today, given the effects of COVID-19, and in consultation with global and local public health authorities, we have developed an even more rigorous Health and Hygiene Protocol encompassing all touchpoints of our hotels operations. 


This protocol will be enforced as our frontiers and economy reopens. 


It is mandatory to strictly follow the guidelines provided by this protocol, and individual accountability is paramount: guest as well as team members are clearly informed or what is expected from them for their own safety. 




    • Complete our Check In formalities online prior to your arrival or at Hotel Reception according to sanitary protocol.


    • The driver wears a protective mask and gloves and is fully trained on Safety measures

    • The car is disinfected upon arrival and upon departure


    • Social Distancing maintained through permanent floor markings

    • Temperature check upon arrival at resort’s Main gate


    • A welcome drink will be provided

    • In case a copy of passport was not provided prior guest arrival, guest passport will be collected, sanitized and scanned

    • Front desk agent:

        - invites guests to complete all formalities in respect of social distancing rules

        - provides the sanitized room key to the Guest.

        - invites Guests to review the “E-Guest Journey Booklet” displayed on TV screen

    • Hand sanitizer dispensers are available on all tables of the Lobby for Guests usage

    » Front desk staff wear protective mask - If required, masks available for guests upon purchase at the resort’s boutique.


    • Rooms are sanitized prior to guest arrival and upon completion a specific doorknob signage is placed on the room door to indicate that nobody else has had access to the room after the sanitization process

    • Each morning, your room is sanitized with chemicals recommended by the authorities

    • Your room is equipped with a sanitizer dispenser and replenished daily

    • Turn down service (when applicable) upon request to minimize guest room access

    • Guest laundry collected and returned in a sealed and sanitized basket

    » In case of any maintenance intervention, Maintenance staff wears a mask, gloves and shoe covers


    • Clearance upon guest’s call 

    • Mini bar service only refilled during the cleaning time

    » Room attendants wear protective masks and gloves


    • Tables have been reduced to maintain Social Distancing norms

    • Tables are sanitized before / after each usage

    • Reduced buffets with a preference for “A la carte service”

    • Menu and bill folders sanitized after each and every use

    • Hand sanitizers are available in all the restaurants and rest rooms

    • Cash and credit card payments - only accepted at the Reception desk

    • » Service staff wear protective masks and sanitize their hands regularly during shift


    • All excursions or activities are to be pre-booked

    • Only exclusive Excursions will be proposed with a specific sanitary protocol

    • In house Activities – number will be limited and upon pre booking only

    » Team members (Concierge, Guests Rep, Entertainment team) wear protective masks and sanitize their hands regularly


    • All sunbeds/beach kiosks are sanitized after each usage and tagged “sanitized” for the next user.

    • Beach towels will be placed directly in room once daily

    • Menu and bill folders will be sanitized after each and every use

    » Beach attendants wear protective masks and sanitize their hands regularly 


    • Boat house will be set-up with hand sanitizer and wipes

    • Small equipment – life jacket / mask / fins, tuba will be sanitized before and after each usage

    • Pedal boat-lazer-hobbie cata, etc will be sanitized before and after each usage

    » Team members wear protective masks and sanitize their hands regularly 


    • 2 guests at a time will be allowed inside the boutique

    • Guest required to wear a mask inside the boutique

    • Guest is invited to sanitize his/her hands at the entrance

    » Team members wear protective masks and sanitize their hands regularly 


    • Set-up of the business center with social distancing measures

    • Limited number of guests according to meeting room size

    • Desk, equipment and work area sanitized before / after usage

    • Drinks and food service through room service

    • Restrooms cleaned and sanitized every hour


    1. SPA services accessible only upon pre-booking  

    • Reception with one-meter floor marks

    • No bathrobe provided at the spa - Guest to wear in-room bathrobe (where applicable) to attend any treatment

    • Shower is mandatory prior to any treatment

    • Not operational:  Changing room, Vitality pool, Relaxing zone, Sauna, Hammam (where applicable)

    • Therapist will sanitize his/her hands in front of the guest before starting the treatment

    » Spa therapists wearing a mask, face visor and protective suit


    2. Wellness activities (where applicable) 

    • Wellness group activities limited to a maximum of 6 persons upon pre-booking only respecting social distancing

    • Floor and yoga matts are pre-sanitized

    » Guests & instructor wearing a mask during all activities 


    • Access to the Fitness center is upon reservation at the Activity center

    • A maximum of 3 persons allowed at a time for a maximum slot time of 1 hour

    • After each session a slot of 30 minutes will be reserved for refreshing and nebulised the space

    • For hygiene and safety purposes, guests are invited to wipe and sanitized their sport equipment before and after usage

    • Sanitizer /wipe dispensers are available and refilled regularly


    • Access to Kids club upon pre-booking only at the Kids Club 

    • Opening times will be from 08h30 to 13h00 / 14h00 to 22h00 

    • A limited number of kids allowed at a time for a maximum slot time of half day 

    • Outdoor activities will be promoted instead of indoor activities 

    • No shoes policy inside the club (Hotel slippers to be used only) 

    • Hand sanitation will be done for all kids upon check-in and after each activity 

    • The Kids club Manager reserves the right to refuse admission for any child with risk symptoms 

    • Parents will have to wear shoe covers and mask to access the Kids club  

    • No Kids’ meals available at the Kids club 

    • Hard toys sanitized after usage 

    • Sanitizer /wipe dispensers available and refilled regularly 

    • Rest rooms sanitized every hour 


    • An Infirmary within each of our resorts with a Nursing Officer / Doctor on call and fully trained on assistance to be provided in case of any medical issue 

    • Continual training program in place for our Team members including enhanced hygiene and precautionary measures  

    • Use of approved cleaning products, disinfectants and protocols in line with guidelines from CDC and WHO 

    • Housekeeping team members fully trained on the use of chemical products and implementation of cleaning plans encompassing enhanced deep cleaning and sanitization with specific emphasis on touchpoints 


    All indoor areas such as entrance lobbies, corridors and staircases, security guard booths, office rooms, meeting rooms, back office, cafeteria are cleaned daily. 


Golf & Club House Operations (applicable for Heritage Resorts guests) 



    • By Phone, by email or via the Reception Desk at the hotels  

    • In Person - No bookings will be accepted or allowed in person. 

    • Information on social distancing to golfers – The golfer is given a briefing over the phone of most important new procedures and he/she is also emailed a copy of procedures in advance of their golf game. When the time comes all bookings made by hotel guests or their agents will be sent tee time confirmation and social distancing procedures via email. 

    • Tee time intervals - Tee times will be staggered at 15 minutes intervals to enhance a natural social distance. 

    • Maximum golfers per day - A maximum of 60 players will be allowed per day during the critical first 3 months period and to be adapted if needed. 


    • Arrival Time - Players may only get to the course a maximum of 30 minutes before their tee time. No non-golfers / spectators allowed. 

    • Security check Mauritian Residents - Security check for non-hotel residents where temperature is taken by security at the front gate. If above 37.5 deg the golfer will be denied entry. 

    • Resort residents arrival - Hotel residents can access by walking or with the hotel shuttle.  

    • Permission to access golf - Access will only be granted for confirmed bookings as per the tee sheet and if the tee time has been pre-paid for Mauritian residents. 

    • Caddy Master greeting - Caddy Master to brief the golfer/s to carry their own bag directly to their buggy or trolley. 

    • Caddy Master services - No storage of golf bags will be offered. No handling of golf bags by staff at all. 

    • Proceed to proshop - After placing their own bag on their cart or trolley the golfer will be asked to sanitize their hands and then proceed immediately to the proshop for check in. 


    • Entry for Mauritian resident golfers – Mauritian resident golfers, having already pre-paid for all items, will be asked to proceed directly to the practice facility or 1st tee unless they specifically request to make a purchase at the proshop. 

    • Entry for Resort resident golfers - Heritage Resort golfers, after having dropped their own bag on their own buggy or trolley, will be welcomed at the entrance of the proshop. They will be asked to wait on the designated social distancing markings on the floor. 

    • Check in of resort golfers - A maximum of 1 guest and 1 staff member can be at the counter at any time with another two people allowed in the shop whilst respecting a social distance of 2m. 

    • Social distancing - Social distancing signage and floor stickers will guide golfers from entry to exit 

    • Clothing displays / floor layout - Clothing displays will be halved to allow for a greater surface area of open floor space. A new display unit layout will be done to allow for individual flow of walking in and out of the proshop. 

    • Pens for signing of bills - A stock pile of pens i.e. enough for each individual, will be available in a clean container on the proshop counter and the guest will place same in the “used” container after use. At the end of the day proshop staff will sanitize the pens for use the next day. 

    • Credit Card machines - Credit card machines will be disinfected after each use. 

    • Cash - No cash will be accepted 

    • Proshop staff PPE - To follow all front office SOP points as per HR SOP. 

    • Sales - Guests will not be allowed to touch clothing or try it on and should request the assistance of the shop staff to view same. A touch and buy policy will be applied. Branded sanitizer and masks will be on sale in the proshop. 

    • Exit - Guests proceed to locker rooms or starting terrace once check in is complete by following floor directions. 


    • Doors - Locker room doors will be left open and the air conditioning will be switched off as a result 

    • Toilets - A bottle of disinfectant will be left in each toilet for use by guests before and/or after use. A Paper toilet seat cover will be available for use and disposed of by guest after use. 

    • Hand Soap - Readily available and full with two dispensers at the basins 

    • Hand Towels - No hand towels will be issued for drying of hands 

    • Showers - No shower facility will be available. Showers will be closed and no shower towels available 

    • Hand Dryer - The hand dryer will be left on so that golfers can air dry their hands 

    • Lockers - No Locker service will be available. Valuables should be kept on the golfer's person  


    • Trolleys - Trolleys will be sanitized and placed on the staging area before golfer arrives. Mauritian golfers will be encouraged to bring their own trolley.
      - Trolleys will be displayed with 2m in between each trolley 

    • Buggies - Buggies will be sanitized and placed on the starter’s terrace before golfer arrives. 
      - 1 golfer per buggy except for those already living together.
      - Buggies will be staged with 2m between each buggy 

    • Briefing - A starter will provide a social distancing and hygiene brieifing to each group every 15 mins. 

    • Paper Receipts - No paper receipts will be accumulated by staff. The resort guest can show and retain his paper receipt. A Receipt will not be neccessary for Mauritian residents as all will be pre-paid. 

    • iPad - An iPad will be used by the starter to verify payment. The iPad will display proof of check-in in real time. 

    • Social Distancing - Signage and floor stickers will guide guests through from the proshop to the starter terrace and to the cart staging area. 

    • Hire Sets - No hire sets will be available for hire during critical period i.e. next 3 months 

    • Chairs - All guest chairs will be removed from the guest relations desk, proshop corridor and starting terrace. 

    • Scorecards - Scorecards will be given to players however no swopping of cards will be allowed 



    • Practice Balls - 15 balls placed for golfer on the grass by staff before golfer arives at the range 
      - Cleaned every evening with soap
      - Collected only once per day at 5pm 

    • Under Cover HItting Bays - Closed 

    • Grass hitting bays - Spaced 5m apart with a maximum of 10 bays spread across the breadth of the driving range tee 

    • Practice greens – Cup inserts to raise the level of the ball will be in place 

    • Lessons - Lessons must be a maximum of 30 minutes

    • The pro must stand 2m from client and not go closer. Touching is strictly forbidden. 


    • 1st Tee - Only 1 flight allowed on the tee at any time
      - The starter will again brief the golfers on social distancing, hygiene and on course protocol
      - Collected only once per day at 5pm 

    • On Course - Cup inserts will be in place so that golfers only touch their ball and not the flag pole when removing their ball from the hole. 

    • Golfers must never touch the flag pole.
      - Golfers must remain 2m apart from one another. 

    • Bunkers - No rakes will be left on the course. Each cart will be equipped with a rake and golfers to leave rakes on their golf cart. 

    • Marshall - The course marshall will monitor social distancing 

    • GPS - The GPS screen will be operational as normal as it would have been sanitized before use. 

    • Ball Washers - On course ball washers to be closed and clearly marked as a do not touch item. 

    • Rubbish Bins - On course rubbish buns to be closed and clearly marked as a do not touch item. Trash to be kept on the buggy and thrown away after play. 

    • Change rooms - Change rooms will be open for golfer’s convenience during play but they must respect social distancing and hygiene protocol. 


    • Golf Cart / Trolley Mauritian Resident - Golfer to proceed to his/her car directly with golf cart / trolley. Same to be left in the golf car park and collected by staff and driven directly to sanitizing area. 

    • Golf Cart / Trolley Resort guest - Golfer to proceed to golf car park, disembark, leave the golf cart / trolley in the designated area and wait under the port cochere with their golf bag. Cart / trollley to be collected by staff and driven directly to sanitizing area. 

    • Club Cleaning - No cleaning of clubs by staff at all. Resort guests must take their bag to their room and Mauritian golfers must immediately take their bag to their car after the round. 

    • Shoe Cleaning - No cleaning of shoes by staff at all. Resort guests must take thier shoes with them to their room. 

    • Refreshing Towel - A disposable cold towel will be offered to golfers by leaving same available for self-service on the starting terrace desk. 

    • Drinks service - No guests will be allowed to stand in or have access to the bar area or restaurant. If they want a drink they must go to the halfway house and buy a take away can or bottle. 

    • Change Rooms - Change rooms will be open for golfer’s convenience after play but they must respect social distancing and hygiene protocol. 

    Safety measures