What to expect at Heritage Resorts in 2015

Heritage Resorts is not just a 5-star resort, it is also a destination offering a wide array of events. Believe us, you just cannot be bored! Let’s look at what’s cooking on the Domaine de Bel Ombre for 2015.


In 2015, the Seven Colours Spa will go on with its Wellness Breaks, giving you the chance to meet wellness specialists who are now well known on the Domaine. You will have to seize this unique opportunity to attend teachings provided by world leading experts!

– January 30 – February 5: Pilates ft. Mikael Pulcini

– February 20 – March 4: Energy Balance ft. Yves Requena

– April 3 – 9: Pilates ft. Geraldine Cantin

– June 5-8: Personal Development ft. Jean-Jacques Robinet

Fiesta at the C Beach Club

Fiesta at the C Beach Club

The C Beach Club is and will remain “The place to B” in the south of Mauritius, especially for beach parties and brunches. So don’t forget to right down these key dates in your calendars and book your table so that you are not left hungry.

– February 1: Beach party ft. DJ Carlos Campos

– March 1: Beach party ft. DJ Ravin

– April 5: All-you-can-eat brunch

– June 7: All-you-can-eat brunch

– July 5: All-you-can-eat brunch

– 2 August: All-you-can-eat brunch


The Heritage Golf Club regularly organises competitions and you are cordially invited to participate. You can also try the night golf every Wednesday but the 2015 major event for Heritage Resorts’ golf course is the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open tournament.

– May 7 – 10: Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open


Deep immersion into Mauritian culture

You will soon realise that the Mauritian culture is richly inspired by the various origins of its population: African, Indian, Chinese and European. Good news, you will have the opportunity to celebrate some of these festivals whether at Heritage Resorts or in its surroundings.

– February 3: Thaipoosam Cavadee

– February 17: Maha Shivaratree

– February 19: Spring Festival

– March 12: National Day

– March 21: Ougadi

– April 5: Easter

– July 18: Eid – Ul – Fitr (Depending on the visibility of the moon)


Because some celebrations don’t fit in any of the above categories but still deserve our full attention, you can also participate in international events while being on a small remote island.

– February 14: Valentine’s Day

– March 28: Earth Hour

Please note that events can be subject to changes. To avoid any inconvenience, you can check the online Calendar of Events 2015, available on Heritage Resorts’ homepage.