Six ultimate venues for your wedding in Mauritius

What is the point in travelling thousands of miles to get married the same way you would at home? You should pull out all the stops and choose a unique venue, don’t you agree? Here are six suggestions for a wedding like no other.

1. A castle!

Wedding at the Château de Bel Ombre
Getting married is all little girls’ dream: a princess gown, a prince charming… And can there be a princess without a castle? The Château de Bel Ombre is simply perfect for couples who wish to add this absolutely romantic and spectacular touch to their big day. A 19th-century mansion with undeniable prestige, a vast garden with a fountain and a panoramic view over the horizon… What else?

2. A beach restaurant and bar

Wedding at the C Beach Club
If you are looking for a casual-chic ambience, we recommend the C Beach Club. This beach club has its own bar, restaurant and pool, and features a lounge-bar atmosphere with Mediterranean accents. Here, all elements are brought together so you are sure to spend a great evening or day with your family and friends: cosy setting, beautiful landscape, and all the services you would expect from a 5-star address.

3. An old factory completely refurbished

Wedding at La Place du moulin
If you are fond of the industrial-style décor, which often combines the new and the old, La Place du Moulin is part of an old sugar mill. It has been refurbished to accommodate wedding ceremonies and large-scale events. Far from the picture-perfect clichés, you will receive your guests in a place which leaves much to imagination and creativity. Imagine a huge open hangar with pieces of heavy machinery here and there blending in a custom-made decoration.

4. A golf course

Wedding at Heritage Golf Club
Who would ever believe – who would ever think – of getting married on a golf course! Heritage Golf Club, which has been ranked best golf in the Indian Ocean at the World Golf Awards, makes it possible. The upsides of such a place are the rolling landscape, water points, wonderful trees and plants, wild deer venturing on the fairways… and the originality of such! A great idea if you are golf enthusiasts or if you simply want to celebrate in a special way.

5. A garden

Wedding in a garden

You can also play it the English way with a garden party in the hotel’s gardens. Welcome your guests under an elegant marquee, which you will decorate according to your tastes, completed with cosy sitting arrangements: on the floor for a relaxed oriental feel or cast iron benches for a boudoir chic atmosphere. A garden party will set the tone of your wedding to convivial and country-style… with a totally hipster touch!

6. A beach

Wedding on the beach

You can still go for a great classic, which somehow is not mainstream: a wedding on the beach. With your feet in the sand and the ocean as far as the eye can see, you and your guests will enjoy a tropical celebration and a total change of scene. When the sun goes down, you will experience the magic of celebrating under the stars, with – why not? – flares, campfire and a host of candles to light up a promising evening.

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