Three outstanding wellness experiences (we’ve been waiting for!)

Holidays are the perfect time to relax and take care of oneself. Seven Colours Wellness Experiences’ spa and cosmetic brand has fully understood this and constantly upgrades its offers to match the latest trends. Here is a selection of three experiences, which bring wellness to another level.

Forest Bathing

Breathe in fresh air

Like the name infers, this unique experience takes you at the heart of Frederica Nature Reserve. The reserve is part of the Domaine de Bel Ombre, which is also home to Heritage Resorts’ hotels and villas. Such scenery of unspoilt nature is an ode to serenity and will help you release all pressures.

What’s next? Following the instructions of a guide, you will be invited to perform a series of relaxing exercises amid the forest. Fresh and pure air, luxuriant vegetation and emanation of essential oils known for their antimicrobial and soothing properties will help you achieve ultimate relaxation.

Picture yourself barefooted in the water streams, embracing trees and breathing in the sweet smell of their sap, sitting in the lotus position on the fresh grass to meditate, surrounded by ancient trees… You will find the ideal place to replenish and drench in serenity and in total communion with nature.


Nature Wellness Trail

Walk into the woods

A more down-to-earth and dynamic approach to wellness, this experience focuses on energy and vitality. Escorted by a guide, you will explore Frederica Nature Reserve during a one-hour walk.

Enjoy the positive effects of nature on your mental and physical health at each of the five stages of this nature walk. At each stop, you will indulge in some stretching and breathing exercises to release all body and mind tensions.

Meanwhile, you will discover the island’s endemic wildlife and get to learn the history of the region thanks to the guide’s anecdotes.


Semi-precious Facial

Semi precious facial

In this face ritual, semi-precious stones (Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli or Celestine) are used for their energising, repairing and regenerating properties and combined with the products of the Mauritian brand Seven Colours, which derive from aromatherapy and plant extracts. Our therapists will select the best products according to your needs.

Since the benefits of the stone are at the core of this ritual, you will need to choose the semi-precious stone to which you are naturally attracted. The stone will be rubbed against energy points to improve balance and revive face skin.

You will feel as relaxed as after a body massage since this treatment includes techniques such as light massage, acupressure points at each step of the ritual as well as scalp, neck and shoulder massage. You will see the results right away: a bright and refreshed skin and relaxed features.

Looking for new experiences to recharge your batteries, relax or simply pamper yourself? It’s all happening at Heritage Resorts.