Nature and Culture at Heritage Le Telfair Golf Wellness Resort

Nature and Culture at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort

If your idea of a holiday is relaxing on a white sand beach from dawn to dusk, Mauritius is the place for you. But perhaps you’re keen to escape the “sun lounger-swim in the ocean-sun lounger” routine, or prefer a dash of adventure to simply lazing around. In that case, lace up your sneakers and make sure you’re hungry – Heritage Le Telfair has got a treat in store!

Chef meets Chateau

Chef Meets Château

Chef David Toutain Curates Heritage Le Château’s Summer Menu


A historic, colonial-style château set on the grounds of the old Bel Ombre sugar plantation. Immaculate French-style gardens. The legacy of an old family home. Enter Heritage Le Chateau, which recently underwent some restoration works by Perrot & Richard, the architecture firm that also restored the Sainte Chapelle, the Grand Palais and the Comédie Française. With the chateau being restored to its former glory (it once belonged to an Indian gentleman), it only made sense to curate a summer menu that reflects the exquisite beauty of the Chateau.

Tis' the season - Heritage Resorts

Tis’ the season

Heritage Resorts’ E-O-Y calendar (you are going to want to jot down the dates)

When it comes to celebrating the E-O-Y season, there are those who go the classic route, adorning sequined dresses, stiletto heels, and toasting with champagne as the clock strikes midnight. Then, there is the unordinary way––the Heritage Resorts way––that entails giving your celebrations a tropical flair. Tis’ the season for festive parties, family gatherings and dancing barefoot in on the beach––a stellar 2017 send-off.