Environment is not just one day, it is everyday…

The recent events that shook the world through the #Covid 19 pandemic have clearly shown us that we actively need to mobilize more for a #greener #planet and for more respect towards mother-nature.


At Heritage Resorts, we have always been committed to putting all the efforts towards #sustainable and #responsible #development. It is also about offering our guests a green and responsible tourist experience in a setting and environment whose protected flora and fauna remains exceptional in #Mauritius.


In 2019 we launched our Environmental Charter. Indeed, to preserve the earth’s resources, there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Everyone has a role to play and Heritage Resorts is committed to reducing its environmental impact within the Domain.


Beyond the Green Key certification, received by our 2 hotels in 2016, all of our actions today focus on the development of an eco-responsible attitude that we strive to transmit to our Clients, Suppliers and Staff. The Environmental charter acts like a guide which defines our main priorities:
• Information and awareness
• Energy and water management
• Biodiversity
• Waste recycling
• Purchases


Our actions and values for sustainability are also driven by one goal which is: Strive for the protection of our environment. To reach this goal we firmly believe and value firstly collaboration with strong partners and local stakeholders and secondly education of our people, of our guests and all the people of the region.


As we celebrate International Environment Day today, we would like to seize this opportunity to thank our special partners Agria, Reef Conservation, GreenKey, Foodwise and our Team Members who embrace our philosophy and our passion to be a key player in green tourism and the preservation of our marine and terrestrial ecosystem.


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Together we can make it happen.


Happy Environment Day