Rogers Group unveils its ambition to position the Bel Ombre region as the benchmark for sustainable and tropical living

On 18 May, the Rogers Group, operator of the Heritage Resorts hotel group among others, launched the territorial brand “Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi” with the ambition of becoming the reference in Mauritius for a Tropical and Sustainable Lifestyle. With the promise “Sustainable Tropical Art de Vivre”, Rogers displays its ambition to place the Bel Ombre region at the heart of its action in the fight against climate change. At an evening event, in the presence of the Mauritian Minister of Tourism, the group shared its commitment to integrating green practices as a driver of its operations in the south-west region of the island.

Bel Ombre – Lamer, Later, Lavi



Highlighting the authentic, the sustainable and the inclusive. To make Bel Ombre a place where people and nature thrive; a resilient region that includes and values its community, but also a mecca for ecotourism, showcasing local know-how and protecting its ecosystem. This is the goal that the Rogers Group has set itself in launching the Bel Ombre Territorial Brand.


‘’More than the launch of a territorial brand, this is a commitment that reflects our ambition to make Bel Ombre the sustainable destination of reference in Mauritius and in the Indian Ocean. Our ambition is immense, as is our conviction that there will be no tomorrow if we don’t change our paradigms today,” said Philippe Espitalier-Noël, CEO of Rogers.


With ‘’Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi.”, Rogers unveils a new chapter in the history of Bel Ombre; a destiny that is being created by the vision, determination and passion of the entities operating in this region.


Through planned and harmonious development, Rogers and its partners have since developed the area with the same passion and commitment to preserving and enhancing the beauty of this unique region. Hotels, restaurants, golf courses and villas have since been carefully integrated into the landscape, coexisting with the omnipresent nature and sublimating the heritage of the former sugar estate.


Programme de developpement durable à Bel Ombre Ile Maurice

An emblematic place, known not only for its particularly well-preserved land and heritage, but also a witness to the centuries that preceded us, Bel Ombre is a unique place steeped in history and culture that brings an extra dose of the “extraordinary” to those who live and work there, as well as to visitors passing through.


With 300 years of history, the Bel Ombre region has a rich human and cultural experience to share. With this courageous commitment to sustainability across the entire value chain that makes up the Bel Ombre Territory, Rogers is now demonstrating that integrated solutions that mitigate climate change and avoid biodiversity loss can enable tomorrow’s Mauritius to achieve green, low-carbon and competitive growth through resilient, inclusive and liveable projects.


The Bel Ombre Territory also aims to create a diverse and inclusive community by providing sustainable workplaces. A commitment that has already begun to materialise with Rogers Hospitality’s Now for Tomorrow sustainability program – helping to preserve the jewels that adorn Bel Ombre’s crown.

rogramme de developpement durable à Bel Ombre Ile Maurice

For several years now, Rogers has been making the most of the multiple dimensions of the Bel Ombre territory, which is intended to be a sanctuary for the many forms of life that thrive in the complex terrestrial and marine ecosystems; a terroir that gives tropical products their unique flavour; a laboratory where sustainable practices are experimented with in order to meet tomorrow’s challenges; a lush playground that offers a remarkable repertoire of experiences.


“Rogers is committed to helping transform the local tourism industry into an eco-industry, with Bel Ombre as a benchmark of the group’s ambitions for the transformation of this sector into a more sustainable and inclusive one. At a time when foreign visitors are rediscovering our country’s assets with new eyes, Bel Ombre has everything it takes to differentiate itself and position itself as a destination within the destination,” adds Philippe Espitalier-Noël.





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