Reduce Your Ecological Footprint During Your Stay in Mauritius

The fact of the matter is that air travel is the most polluting means of transportation, but also the fastest, most convenient way to reach the speck of land that is Mauritius. So, how can you reduce your impact on the environment while on vacation? What if we told you that Heritage Resorts has the (green) key?


Indeed, this coming year, Heritage Resorts is doing its best to obtain the Green Key ecolabel and join the 2,500 tourism establishments in 53 countries that adhere to the environmental norms set by the Green Key initiative, a point of reference in the hospitality industry for all things green.



Green Key in a Nutshell


Solar panels

Green Key is a global ecolabel awarded to tourism establishments for their commitment to sustainability. The pledge entails a strict adherence to the norms set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). By choosing to spend your vacation in a hotel labeled “Green Key,”, you can be certain you are minimizing your footprint in the host country. The measures taken by the hotel will be brought to your awareness and you will be invited to participate in the change. For instance, by being mindful of your water and energy consumption during your stay. Who these days isn’t conscious of his impact on Nature, and even more so when travelling to an idyllic island destination like Mauritius…



What is Heritage Resorts doing about it?


Endemic plants garden at Heritage Awali

Heritage Resorts has been committed to protecting the environment through numerous initiatives for a number of years now. The protection of the lagoon of Bel Ombre, putting a stop to the use of plastic bottles, and the installation of solar panels and energy-efficient LED lightbulbs are just a few examples. Today 5-star establishments are revving up with several projects under way. A number of projects are well underway while others will be carried out gradually:

– Conduct an awareness campaign to sensitize our personnel about the best practices to adopt at work.

– Install water-conserving fixtures in rooms and communal spaces.

– Create a compost zone at the Domaine de Bel Ombre to reduce food waste.

– The existence of an organic vegetable garden and an endemic plant garden at Heritage Awali, with plans to implement a similar concept at Heritage Le Telfair.

– Work jointly with local suppliers to ensure their practices are in line with Heritage Resorts’ philosophy, which includes favouring the consumption of local produce.

– Replace all household products with certified, alternative, eco-friendly products.

– Partner with local NGOs to raise public awareness of the issue of environment within our communities.

– Collaborate with the local community to launch a program which aims to educate villagers from the Bel Ombre region so they may join the Villa Valriche teams.

Learn more about Heritage Resorts’ green initiatives: Why should we, and how can we protect the lagoon of Bel Ombre, Mauritius?



Has Heritage Resorts been awarded the Green Key ecolabel yet?

The Heritage collection of hotels will be audited this coming December. Meanwhile, we are actively engaged in working towards the award. For instance, we sensitize and train our personnel to think “green” and to cultivate eco-friendly everyday actions. We aim to be key actors in the pursuit of global environmental sustainability. We are gradually replacing the detergents we use with alternative, eco-friendly products that are endorsed by Green Key.



What role does Green Key play in our pursuit of eco-friendliness?

– Green Key is globally accredited with being a key actor in sustainability. It is a stamp that guarantees that our hotels are in compliance with the established norms in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.
– Green Key enables us to move forward by providing a clear work method and informing us on innovations and breakthroughs that can benefit our group.



What are our targets in the pursuit of sustainability?

– That all hotels within our group be certified Green Key.
– That the Heritage Golf Club be accredited with being a Green Golf.
– To focus on sustainability in the early stages of the building of a second golf so that it is certified Green Golf at its opening.


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