Heritage Resort’s quest for local food

Heritage Resorts has joined the “locavorist” movement by creating a partnership with La Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre in order to serve fresh, locally-grown produce at its restaurants.


At Heritage Resorts, protection of the environment is a core concern. In 2017, the group earned the internationally recognized Green Key eco-label and has since continued its efforts towards environmentally sustainable practices. This year, with the help of La Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre, it is taking a step forward by offering a locavore experience to its guests.


Created in the United States in 2005, locavorism is an environmental movement promoting fresh, seasonal, and most importantly, locally-grown agricultural produce. By limiting transportation time and distance from the farm to the restaurant, this farm-to-fork approach not only greatly reduces the supply chain’s ecological footprint, but it also helps keep food fresh and flavourful. More than a hip label, locavorism rejects intensive farming practices in favour of a more diverse, responsible and traditional cultivation of the earth.


Nestled at the heart of a pristinely beautiful estate and blessed with temperate climate all year long, Heritage Resorts’ ambition is to offer the finest regional products to its guests. Naturally, our chefs turned to the farmers at La Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre who were already supplying them with game and palm hearts. This informal arrangement blossomed into a joint reflexion between chefs and farmers who share a desire to produce and cook high-quality food using sustainable models.


Locally grown fruits and vegetables in the gardens of Heritage Resorts Mauritius


A gourmet garden, located behind Heritage Le Château, is now in operation and there are plans to create a twelve-acre vegetable plot by the end of the year. According to Michel Pilot, Senior Manager at Agribusiness, an emphasis will be placed on growing typically Mauritian letan lontan* fruits and vegetables—violet, jackfruit, breadfruit, star fruit and cassava.


In order to offer the very best produce to the hotels’ guests as well as to local residents, La Compagnie Sucrière de Bel Ombre is limiting the use of pesticide and embracing responsible agricultural practices. A natural and sustainable approach based on permaculture techniques has been successfully tested at the garden and some of the farmers have received an organic agriculture training. The goal is to develop a 100% organic garden in the coming years. Bon appétit!




Our signature local dishes!

Heritage Le Château

Heritage Le Chateau restaurant

Wild boar with coffee sauce and sweet potato gnocchi

Vegetable local “palette”, spelt seeds, herbs emulsion
Chicken confit “Pei” with herbs, heart of palm, spicy sausages
Squid with ink lemongrass sauce, jackfruit
Venison back with chocolate sauce, cauliflower, coconut and vanilla


Heritage Le Telfair

Heritage Le Telfair Le Palmier Restaurant

Bel Ombre heart of palm, green papaya (Le Palmier)


Heritage Awali

Heritage Awali Infinity Blue Restaurant

Venison and lilva beans curry (Infinity Blue)
Ti-caraille’s wild boar salmis (Infinity Blue)
Pan-fried dorado fish filet, local vegetables, tomato « satini » (Infinity Blue)
Wild boar cooked with dark chocolate sauce (Savana)


C Beach Club

Heritage C Beach Club Mauritius restaurant

Cassava and banana cake with vanilla coconut milk (« Trattoria » buffet)
Cassava and minced beef pie (African buffet)


…and make sure to visit the garden at Heritage Le Château!


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