Heritage Le Telfair- Luxury Romantic Hotel in Mauritius

Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort stands out at the World Luxury Hotel Awards 2017

Awarded “Luxury Spa hotel” and “Luxury Romantic hotel” in Mauritius


Heritage Le Telfair has proudly won the country titles of “Luxury Spa Hotel” and “Luxury Romantic Hotel” for 2017, which recognize the constant efforts and excellence of the teams to always maintain themselves at the highest level, as well as the ability to innovate in order to offer a unique experience to its customers.

Tis' the season - Heritage Resorts

Tis’ the season

Heritage Resorts’ E-O-Y calendar (you are going to want to jot down the dates)

When it comes to celebrating the E-O-Y season, there are those who go the classic route, adorning sequined dresses, stiletto heels, and toasting with champagne as the clock strikes midnight. Then, there is the unordinary way––the Heritage Resorts way––that entails giving your celebrations a tropical flair. Tis’ the season for festive parties, family gatherings and dancing barefoot in on the beach––a stellar 2017 send-off.

The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is coming home

The AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open is coming home

It’s that time of the year again… 156 players, 30 countries, 4 days, 3 tours, 1 prize. That’s right, Heritage Resorts is hosting, for the second time, the highly-anticipated and prestigious AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open (ABMO) – the only tri-sanctioned golf tournament in the world.

Heritage saisit l'extraordinaire à bras-le-corps

Taking it to new heights

Thursday, October 5, 2017. Come nightfall, the vast hotel grounds are revealed by a soft gradient of blues, pinks, greens and purples. Pink banyan trees, the rustle of palms that create shadows that appear to be dancing on the façade of the colonial chateau, the shimmy of supple dancers across ponds of water, the ethereal subtleties of colour and light that capture the newly revamped Heritage Le Telfair in a fleeting haze. Center stage, a girl in a gauzy white dress twists and turns across a dance floor on which is projected a mapping of kaleidoscopic butterflies and elements of nature. The sight is spectacular.

TRAVEL DIARIES: Jetting-off to Paradise

Travel Diaries: Jetting-off to Paradise

Photojournalist, Robert Michael Poole and Vlogger, Marcy Yu are what you would call “digital nomads.” In other words, they combine work and travel using technology and social media. Robert shoots candids of his travels to faraway places, and writes about his experiences while Marcy works on her digital travel diary and coveted Instagram account. The two travel companions flew to Mauritius for a barefoot holiday made of up wet bikinis, salty hair and a five-star resort. [1]