Heritage Resorts reaffirms its commitment towards sustainability and inclusiveness

“The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones.” Confucius

The sanitary crisis may have shaken our world and daily routine and yet, has allowed a full reassessment of our way of living and its impact. More than ever, we should think about Tomorrow by acting Now.


At Heritage Resorts, we strive to turn this crisis into an opportunity, and make this opportunity a turning point. For many years, we have been actively committed to wildlife and environment preservation.

At our small level and with the collaboration of our team, clients and partners, we firmly believe that we can play our part in this noble cause.

Heritage Bel Ombre Mauritius 2500 hectares of experiences

Heritage Resorts, leader of sustainable development at Bel Ombre, is fully aware of the situation’s urgency. Indeed, Bel Ombre is the unique sanctuary of Mauritius with a preserved and precious biodiversity. We have been gifted with an amazing and mesmerizing nature in the wild south of Mauritius, and our responsibility is to protect this legacy which has been lent to us.. Therefore, we believe above all in our People and our capacity to achieve great actions.



Heritage Resorts educating children about marine life with Reef Conservation

Last June 5th was the International Environment Day. On this occasion, we wish to share our recent environmental initiatives with you:


• Last December, we have opted for Christmas trees made of reusable wood

• In our rooms, classic bins have been replaced by recycling bins to create awareness and further encourage our guests to participate in our recycling program

• Part of our green digital transformation program, we have developed a new digital Guest Directory at Heritage Awali that guests can access with a QR code avoiding paper use

• We are growing our own vegetables and fruits at Bel Ombre through to avoid product transportation, reduce our carbon footprint and ensure an excellent product quality. For that matter, we have designed a “BO” logo on our menus at le Telfair to inform our guests when local ingredients from Bel Ombre are being used in recipes

• We have also launched THE PLEDGE program, a certification that fights against food waste in partnership with NGO Foodwise.

• At Heritage Le Telfair, all oils used are collected and recycled for bio-carburate purposes.

• At Heritage Awali, the “Yellow Submarine” at Timomo Kids Club welcomes kids from the hotel and from surrounding schools in a playful setting to make them discover marine life while explaining the importance of preserving it. Moreover, eco-friendly amenities are favoured in the Kids Club. · Finally, we have signed the SigneNatir Pact by Business Mauritius committing us to follow the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) recommended by the United Nations



Sustainable development at Heritage Resorts

This International Day celebrating mother nature was followed closely by the World Ocean Day on June 8th. Each year, this day reminds us how much the marine life is affected due to human activities and its carelessness towards nature. To preserve our beautiful Bel Ombre beach and its biodiversity, Heritage Resorts is involved in several projects:


• 4 breakwaters have been installed to reduce the impact of waves on the beach, thus limiting the risks of erosion. As we believe that this can only be done by teaming up with all stakeholders, this project was conducted in collaboration with neighbouring hotels, villagers, fishermen, boaters, and local authorities. This constant dialogue with the stakeholders of Bel Ombre, testifies at our sustainable commitment in thriving people and inclusiveness. It is also important to note that the preservation of the beach and the lagoon does not alter the beach quality and, of course, is part of the long-term vision of Heritage Resorts

• We have recently developed a Lagoon Directory, available in rooms to the attention of our guests. This educational and teaching tool describes the fauna and flora of Bel Ombre and is a way to make them discover and explore the richness of the local biodiversity

• We are aware of the harm caused by plastic to the ocean and we have at heart the preservation of our own lagoon in Bel Ombre. As such, since 2017, we have banned all plastic straws on the Resorts and replaced them with straws made of natural materials. Aiming at reducing the use of plastic bottles on our resorts, we also have our own bottling plant system, whereby glass bottles are used on the Domaine.

• 100% of our team members at the Boat House at Heritage le Telfair have received an extensive and complete training on sustainability matters related to the lagoon conservation. · Finally, in 2018, we collaborated with Reef Conservation in the installation of artificial reefs made from coral fragments in the Bel Ombre Lagoon. This collaboration has improved corals health and allowed the migration of about 20 fish species in the lagoon.



Through these actions, we are turning our vulnerability into a strength. Protecting mother nature is a priority and a daily struggle which does not limit itself to these 2 days. It is a day-to-day teamwork that drives and allows us to push our limits more and more every day.


As we celebrated these special days, we remember that each one of us can initiate wonderful things and make a difference. Click here to know more about our sustainability charter.


We strongly believe that each small step matters and is in fact a great victory. Together, we can build a better future for Mauritius and its future generations by carrying the small stones. Let’s Act Now For Tomorrow.


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