Heritage le Telfair, nominated as Leading Green Hotel in Mauritius at the World Travel Awards

We are thrilled to announce that Heritage le Telfair, certified Green key Hotel and part of Heritage Resorts, has been nominated for the first at the Prestigious World Travel Awards in the “Mauritius’ Leading Green Resort 2021” category.


Heritage le Telfair, through Heritage Resorts has devised and adopted a sustainable development policy, which highlights the commitment of the group towards the environment and society. The policy covers several aspects to which we firmly believe and aim at making a difference. The policy lies on the five most impactful sustainability pillars in the Mauritian context, and which have been developed by Business Mauritius after years of study and which are aligned with the SDGs of the UN.


The 5 pillars are:

· Energy Transition: We commit to shift to a low-carbon economy to consolidate resilient development.

· Circular Economy: We commit to engage in sustainable consumption and production, including a local agricultural value chain, through producer/importer and consumer responsibility to valorise and optimize resources and by-products.

· Biodiversity: We commit to protect our biodiversity and natural heritage through mindful development and adapting to climate change collaboratively.

· Inclusive development: We commit to be more engaged and be a driving force in poverty alleviation and inclusive development.

· Vibrant Communities: We commit to make our island safe, pleasant, and valorise cultural and historical heritage for the well-being of communities.


Commenting on this nomination, Alexandre Piat, Sustainable Development Manager at Heritage Resorts says that “This nomination strongly reaffirms our aim to be a responsible and leading key player in the region of Bel Ombre and South Mauritius in reducing its impact on the environment. We are also fully committed to these pillars through our adherence to the Pact Signe Natir and our Environmental Charter. Our hotels are certified Green Key which is a testimony of all the efforts we have so far deployed. We are therefore confident that we can win the award. All votes do count.”


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