Must see and do in South of Mauritius

Looking for anecdotes about the history of Mauritius, natural wonders and authentic places to visit? Then, go straight to the South of Mauritius and enjoy the adventurous side of the island.
Let’s go a few miles away from Heritage Resorts to meet the wild South!

If you have only heard about Mauritius’ white sandy beaches and turquoise lagoon, then you must know that the country has more to offer! Heading to the extreme south of the island, you will discover an unspoilt environment and breath-taking landscapes… Gris-Gris, situated a 15 minute drive from Heritage Resorts, is the best place to experience this Mauritius and enjoy some fresh air.

Over there, you will find the beach and the cliff of Gris-Gris as well as the famous “Weeping Rock”. Gris-Gris beach is not your typical swim-and-chill beach but offers spectacular views of powerful waves crashing on volcanic cliffs and the ocean stretching as far as your eyes can see. You will have the choice between sitting whilst contemplating the beauty of the place and going for a walk on the beach to take in the sea air.

Many curious visitors come to Gris-Gris to see the “Weeping Rock”, a 10 meter rocky mass on which the waves are crashing. The water that continuously flows on the rock and the roaring of the waves makes the rock look like it ceaselessly weeps. According to a local legend, the “Weeping Rock”, if observed under a very specific angle, would represent the perfect portrait of the Mauritian poet Robert Edwart -Hart.

Gris Gris beach – South coast of Mauritius


Gris Gris - Souillac
Souillac Cemetry, Island of Mauritius – Photo credit:

The folk village of Souillac is only a 3 minute drive from Gris-Gris and harbour many anecdotes about the history of Mauritius. Named after Viscount Souillac, former Governor of the Isle of France (the name given to Mauritius during the French colonial era) and founder of the Port, the village is also known because of the Mauritian poet Robert Edwart – Hart who lived there before his death and was buried at the Souillac sea Cemetery.

The poet former mansion was entirely built of coral and is known today as La Nef Museum or the Robert Edwart -Hart Memorial Museum. Visitors can discover texts and objects dating from that era and immerse themselves into the world of the author while looking at the beautiful view that probably inspired the man.

A little anecdote for people staying at Heritage Resorts: the Irish naturalist Charles Telfair, who lived several years on the Domaine de Bel Ombre and undertook major projects there, was the owner of a plantation in Souillac. A garden along the coast has been named after him as “Jardin de Telfair”.


You will surely need a break after all these discoveries and be quite hungry after having breathe in the sea breeze but don’t worry, Gris-Gris has its must taste restaurant! “Chez Rosy” invites you to taste the true warm and tasty Mauritian cuisine. The place itself exudes simplicity and friendliness and welcomes guests in a colourful decor at reasonable prices.

The Domaine de Bel Ombre offers a wide range of experiences within its site but is also ideally located on the south coast of Mauritius for guests to enjoy famous sites, natural wonders and authentic places.