Interview with Ludovic Bax and his caddy Julien Planel at the Afrasia Mauritius Bank Open

He was the first Mauritian to play in a golf tournament endorsed by the European tour and wore the colours of the Heritage Golf Club during the AfrAsia Bank Mauritius Open. We have met Ludovic Bax and his caddy Julien Planel who told us more about themselves and their experience.

Friends since childhood, the two young men first met because of their parents’ acquaintance and developed a friendship and true complicity built especially around sport from an early age. If they both started playing golf at the age of 8 years old on a 9-hole course in Curepipe (Mauritius), later on Ludovic started thinking of golf as a career path while Julien continued to play for fun and intermittently.

When we asked Ludovic why he chose Julien as his caddy for this world premiere and this big challenge for him, he simply replied that it was a matter of trust in the one whom he believed having the skills to guide him. He also talked about the importance of a kind of complicity between the player and his caddy … essential ingredients for a long-term friendship as for a fruitful collaboration.


To the question, “what does this tournament mean to you?” the two golf enthusiasts think the same: an incredible experience that they are happy to share with each other, from a professional as well as a human point of view. They had the chance to stay at Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort during the whole tournament and to meet all the pros they normally follow on TV, on the course and during casual happenings.

Ludovic Bax and Julien Planel talk about each other

One word to describe your teammate?

Julien: Hard worker

Ludovic: Sincere

His greatest quality as a player / caddy?

Julien: His long game

Ludovic: His ability to push me and encourage me

What could be improved?

Julien: His confidence on the green

Ludovic: To take more decisions

What would you like to wish him?

Julien: That he quickly turns pro in order to participate in major tournaments

Ludovic: That he succeeds in his future endeavours, whatever he is planning to achieve

One last word…

Julien and Ludovic: See you next year!

Ludovic Bax didn’t make it to the Cut on Friday, May 8 despite his good performance in the first round and has been ranked 119th out of 132 professional players. It is only a small postponement for the young Mauritian golfer who will soon go pro and participate in international golf competitions with his dear friend and caddy… it’s the worst thing we can wish them!