How to organise a successful African Night?

Looking for an original theme for your next event? Try something “outside the box” and explore the origins of mankind… Picture this: a return to our human roots and primary instincts through an African journey! Here are some key elements to make your “so primitive” night a success.

For a real immersion in the vibrant and bewitching Africa, you will need a fully-fledged décor. First, the event must be set outdoors, preferably under a splendid starry sky, when the weather and temperature allow. The idea is to build a timeless place, which would be the least connected to the outside world. Once guests enter your African village, they must feel instantly estranged. You can surround the place with a bamboo hedge or any other natural material. Another key element of the décor is the campfire or boma (fire pit), around which guests will gather. Moreover, you can add some torches, rustic stools and wooden tables for the buffet.

The décor itself will set the tone for an African ambience, while the torches and fire will throw a soft blaze as the night falls. Alongside the decoration, special animations such as African dances to the rhythm of traditional drums or fire eaters and dancers will add stunning effects to your event. Another great and simple idea – though less spectacular – would be to perform a ritual around the fire: for example, you can ask guests to write their wish on a paper, then throw it in the fire. For the rest, let your imagination run free! The idea is to set the right mood in order to give your guests the impression that they are living in another time and place for a few hours and let them be carried away by the African vibes.

A themed party goes along with a themed buffet! That is where things get a little more complicated since each African country has its own traditional specialities. Make some research and pick the ones that appeals to you the most, that are easier to prepare or simply those with the easiest ingredients to find. Here are some ideas of dishes for your African Night:

  • – Aperitif: Crispy taro roots or potato and saltfish accras
  • – Starters: black lentils, small onions in saffron and mustard or green plantain chips
  • – Soup: Taro, coconut milk and chicken soup
  • – Main course: Green banana cooked in spicy tomato sauce or sweet potato roots and leaves casserole
  • – Barbecue: coconut and peanut marinated whole fish cooked in a banana leaf or Moroccan-style lamb kebab
  • – Dessert: Orange and cinnamon salad or semolina pudding and dried fruit

All you have to do now is send your invitations! Otherwise, you can enjoy the unique experience of an African evening at BOMA.