Heritage Le Telfair towards a new promise

Heritage Le Telfair, as you already know, is closed for renovation until September 1st 2017.

Member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World, the new Heritage Le Telfair reinvents the tropical island getaway, inviting guests to escape the ordinary in style. 


Heritage Le Telfair, a holistic approach to wellness

Issue #2 Updated 09 June 2017



Waking up to the sound of the ocean brings you a certain peace of mind. Learn how to enhance your senses. Embark on a tranquil journey, surrounded by the calmness of the luxuriant tropical setting of Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness Resort and relish on the large palette of local and international cuisine as you feel your mind and body lightening up.


Heritage Le Telfair recreates a tasty, fresh and innovative culinary experience combining infinite options in between a healthy breakfast at Annabellas’, Asian street food at Gin’ja for lunch or gourmet delicacies at the Château de Bel Ombre.


At Heritage Le Telfair, it’s all about shaping your own wellness holiday retreat and unlocking new dimensions of relaxation, toes in the sand, while having a detox cocktail at the freshly restyled Le Palmier.


Revitalise your soul with a nature walk in Frédérica Nature Reserve; rejuvenate your body with a yoga session near the waterfall; nourish your mind with guided meditation on the beach… Endless possibilities for you to enjoy and just disconnect.


More than just a holiday retreat, it is all about a holistic experience and lifestyle to bring back home for your mental, physical and emotional well-being.




Heritage Le Telfair towards a new promise

Issue #1 Updated 12 May 2017


Heritage Le Telfair towards a new promise


The most outstanding holidays are the ones we experience without time and space constraints, thus unlocking a world of emotions. The ultimate definition of Luxury, which Heritage Le Telfair invites guests to experience during their stay in Mauritius.



New Heritage Le Telfair Moodboard


One of the most outstanding experience to live when staying at the hotel and which forms part of its new name is the Wellness offer, unique in Mauritius. A holistic approach to wellbeing delivered through a carefully and expertly designed selection of experiences and products.


When it comes to interior design and decoration, the new Suites will enhance the already very distinctive and unique attributes of the hotel. The objective is to refine the beautiful plantation-style architecture and bring a more contemporary and timeless elegance; use fresh, soothing colors drawn from natural elements such as the sea, the sky and the tropical foliage; play with the natural island light and create bright, serene interiors, blending with the outdoors.


Foodies are not forgotten here as the new Heritage Le Telfair aims to recreate a tasty, fresh, innovative culinary experience, to be enjoyed without holding back.




Want to learn more about the new Heritage Le Telfair? See you next month for more hot highlights on the upcoming renovation.