Heritage Le Telfair, the gateway to a world of well-being

In response to a growing trend in health and wellness, Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Wellness has taken guests’ desires to the next level by bringing wellness to centre stage: a brand new wellness pavilion stands tall in the midst of our luxurious gardens and we have introduced new spa products in partnership with the renowned French brand, Thémaé.



While travel was long considered an obstacle to your health routine (we perfectly understand the uncontrollable urge to devour those mini-bar treats), this mindset has certainly changed. Heritage Le Telfair enables health-conscious guests to keep up with their at-home habits, and we’re not just talking about your basic gym or run-in-the-mill spa.



Thémaé, everyone’s cup of tea


At Heritage Resorts, wellness isn’t a mere afterthought; it’s at the very core of our brand. Seven Colours, our in-house spa brand, is a reflection of what wellness represents to us: energy, vibrancy and a sweeping sense of well-being. With this in mind, the resort has rolled out an exclusive menu of services in partnership with Thémaé, a Parisian luxury spa brand, which draws its inspiration from the art of tea – an association that is only fitting given Mauritians’ adoration for the leaves (truth be told, tea has always played second fiddle to coffee on our island.)


Thémaé, the Japanese name for a unique tea preparation ceremony, explores the acclaimed virtues and healing powers of the different types of tea available across the globe, namely India, China, Japan and South Africa: stimulating black tea, antioxidant green tea, regenerating white tea and soothing red tea. Choosing a blend of four types of tea was certainly no coincidence: the mixture of teas mirrors our island’s multicultural society, where people of all creeds and colour co-exist.


With an antioxidant level 200 times more potent than vitamin E, tea transforms your skin upon contact, making for the most indulgent treatments and revitalizing beauty formulas. Most wonderful of all is the aromatic journey you embark upon as your sense of smell unearths the most pleasant memories.


A range of body and facial rituals was created exclusively for Heritage Le Telfair: Purity (Pure’thé), Vitality (Vitali’thé) and Beauty (Beau’thé) are only some of our signature treatments, designed – as the names suggest – to regenerate your skin. The rejuvenating properties of tea leave your skin feeling fresher, younger and more radiant than ever. All our Thémaé body and facial creams are available for purchase.



A retreat within a retreat

Heritage Le Telfair Wellness Pavillon

With cheat meals up for grabs in every nook and corner of the hotel (you know exactly what we are talking about if you’ve indulged on the sinful chocolate mandarin dome at the Ginj’a), maintaining your healthy lifestyle is no easy task. As luck would have it, you need not forgo your cheat meals – our tailored sweat sessions will have you burning those unwanted calories in no time.


As you approach our wellness pavilion and stroll through the large, beautiful doors leading up to our green lawns, a fountain welcomes you, indicating your arrival at an oasis of calm, the Wellness Sanctuary. Surrounded by lush, tropical vegetation, the sanctuary is beautifully designed as a cross, with each one of the four wings divided by elegant blinds. While each wing can be used simultaneously for different classes, the blinds can also be taken down, connecting all four wings into a spacious area that is ideal for accommodating larger groups.


The Wellness Pavilion is a place that converses with your senses, creating the ideal retreat to meditate or to ponder. You may engage in a personalised class of Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi-Gong, meditation or pilates, all of which are overseen by our wellness experts. It also plays host to conferences and workshops, conducted by local or internationally acclaimed specialists, with the aim of bringing you closer to your long-term health goals.


As you are guided through different wellness programmes by our advisers, feel the stress of your everyday life melt away; rejuvenate in the lap of luxury and tranquillity; become one with your natural surroundings. Every moment you spend within our dwelling-among-the-trees will be nothing short of transformative.