All about footgolf in Mauritius

Ever heard about footgolf before? Well, this sport is booming in the world and has finally reached Mauritius, where it is set to become a trend… Let’s go straight to some of the questions you may be asking yourselves.

What is footgolf exactly?

It simply is a combination of two of the world’s most popular sports: football and golf. The game is played solo or in teams on a 9-hole golf course with a size-5 football. Rules, as well as dress code, are similar to that of golf. Proper attire required!

Still sceptical about this new discipline? Just know that footgolf was born in Netherlands in 2009, and today 15 other countries, including South-Africa, England, Argentina, Australia, Chile, the United States and France, have created their own federation. There even are Footgolf World Championships!

Who plays footgolf?
Who plays footgolf
Whether you are a football fan, a golf enthusiast, just the curious kind, an adult or a kid… As long as you can kick a ball, you are ready for a footgolf game. In a word, all those who would appreciate a fun and relaxing game in a lovely setting are welcome on the footgolf course.

Looking for fresh ideas for a team building session, a birthday party with friends or a family outing? Think about footgolf to share a good laugh and spend time together. What’s more, it offers an excellent opportunity to raise funds for a good cause!

How to play footgolf?
How to play footgolf
Like in golf, the purpose of the game is to meet the target in as few shots as possible. The player kicks the ball towards a hole. Every 8 minutes, a team starts its game with a scorecard indicating the recommended number of shots to meet the target.

Ethical behaviour is important in footgolf. Players are expected to keep a minimal distance with the teams ahead, to rake sand traps, to avoid running, treading on the greens and shouting, so as not to disturb golfers who may play on the same course at the same time.

Where can we play footgolf in Mauritius?
Where can we play footgolf in Mauritius
Located in the South of Mauritius, Heritage Golf Club has set as a goal to promote golf on the island and has seized the opportunity of a game combining golf and one of the favourite sports in Mauritius to do so. The first footgolf course on the island is now open at Heritage Golf Club to Heritage Resorts hotel guests, Heritage The Villas’ residents and the public in general.
Both traditional golfers and footgolf players can now use Heritage Golf Club’s Short Course. From now and for their next visit on the Domaine de Bel Ombre, regular visitors as well as newcomers on the golf course should not forget their jersey!

“Have you heard about footgolf? Well, if you’re like us, it’s like they’ve taken this sport out of our dreams and made it a reality.” – Grady Purtle, First Place – Winner Las Vegas Open 2012