Find out which Heritage Resorts accommodation is for you!

You have chosen the south of Mauritius and the Domaine de Bel Ombre as your next holiday destination but you don’t know yet which accommodation will suit you the best … We will help you find out. Take the test!

1) To you, the word “holiday” best matches with …
a) Relaxation
b) Little details
c) Privacy

2) In your wildest dreams, you are…
a) Passionate as Meryl Streep and Robert Redford in Out of Africa
b) Romantic as Keira Knightley and James McAvoy inAtonement
c) Fiery as Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl

3) The two essential ingredients for a successful diner are…
a) A chilled atmosphere and a mountains of food, every meal should be a feast!
b) An intriguing menu in a beautiful setting, you love to discover new flavours!
c) A discrete venue with tailor-made meals you know you will love!

4) If you needed to decorate your new home you would go for a…
a) An ethnic chic style
b) Elegant and refined decor
c) Sleek and contemporary setting

5) The little extra that makes you happy…
a) The Espresso machine
b) A big dressing, you still can’t travel light
c) In-house massage, why would you go to the spa if the spa comes to you?

6) How would you describe a perfect moment…
a) A copious and lively dinner where you end up chatting with the table next to yours
b) A candle light evening under the stars and overlooking the sea
c) A gathering with family or friends around a barbecue and pool

You got a maximum of A: Heritage Awali

In Africa, Awali means “source, origin “: Heritage Awali Golf & Spa Resort, with its ethnic décor both refined and authentic, takes you to the heart of Mauritian and African roots. On arrival, the sound of djembes immediately puts you in the mood. Let yourself be carried away by the warm and friendly atmosphere, and enjoy high quality services.

You got a maximum of B: Heritage Le Telfair
Ornate frame, white woodwork, antique patterned floor, wood and mirrors … Heritage Le Telfair Golf & Spa Resort is a tribute to the naturalist Charles Telfair. The 158 rooms and suites of this magnificent hotel are divided into pavilions set amidst a lush garden. They all open onto a spacious fully furnished veranda. Butlers provide a personalised in all Suites.

You got a maximum of C: Heritage The Villas
Located on the foot of the hills and spread over 200 acres of gardens, discover our private villas of 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms. Fully furnished, they allow you to spend exceptional holidays with family or friends without worrying about anything: the 5 star luxury service is of incomparable quality. A golf cart is available during your stay to move at your leisure on the site to discover all the Domaine venues.

Heritage Resorts is located on a 2,500 hectares site, better known as the Domaine de Bel Ombre. Stretching from the green hills to the crystal clear lagoon, the place perfectly combines beach, nature, relaxation and discovery. A true “Domaine of Experiences “!