Bel Ombre Summer Vibes: 42 days of festivities to resume 2020 in style!

In Bel Ombre, the transition to 2021 manifested under a magnificent firework display that lit up the sky and amazed both youngsters and grown-ups at the C Beach Club for a “not to be missed Waouh experience”. A dazzling splash of colors backdropped by a starry sky, beautifully resuming a year full of twists and turns and finally giving way to 2021.


Musical concert at Bel Ombre with Mauritian artists

Since last December 3rd, every weekend in Bel Ombre has been the stage for unique, not to say exceptional musical events with live performance from the best local talents be it artists, musicians and singers; Eric Triton, Clarisse Sisters, Jason Heerah, Alain Ramanisum, Yvette Dantier, Melanie Péres, Blackkayo, The Prophecy… and the icing on the cake, has definitely been the day after the party, the Sunday Brunch at the C Beach Club redesigned for the festive season with a different weekly theme and afternoon live music. About twenty events have been crafted and hosted outdoors, featuring the most beautiful sunsets in Mauritius, or the sparkly starry sky of the Indian Ocean.

Bel Ombre Culinary Experience

Culinary excellence designed for privileged residents showcased a wide choice of 12 restaurants and bars; a Gin Bar, a Rosé Wine Cellar, a Coco Shack Bar on the beach for fresh stopovers during the day and a refined and varied cuisine featuring local produces from Bel Ombre. The Château’s gastronomic restaurant and prestigious fine cheese and wine cellar hosted lucky guests who booked their Bel Ombre Summer Vibes, and embarked on an exceptional culinary journey, curating the locally grown and bred produces from the South of Mauritius, revamped with ultimate refinement.


Land and sea activities in the South of Mauritius

Bel Ombre is an ALL-INCLUSIVE estate unique in Mauritius which has opened its 2500 hectares of experiences with a selection of water activities, quad biking in the nature reserve to discover the beauty of the endemic fauna and flora, golf on the best golf course in the Indian Ocean, an unexpected visit to the “World of Seashells” museum with the largest collection of seashells from Africa (5000 species), full access to the 5000 m2 Spa and Wellness villages with locally priced treatments and massages.


In total, 42 days of festivities under the sign of togetherness gathered families and friends to connect again after a year of social distancing… Bel Ombre has fulfilled this human need for connection with self and others, unwinding from daily routine, letting go and nature escape!


More than 3600 happy guests were welcomed and taken care of by 1022 passionate team members who crafted the most stunning experiences for their guests, levelled up by service excellence and an authentic sense of hospitality.


Mauritius is indeed a land where simple moments are real celebrations like nowhere else. With the opening not only of its 5* resorts but also of its entire 2,500-hectare all-inclusive leisure domaine, “Bel Ombre Summer Vibes” set the tone for a great start to the new year with hope and optimism, and bright days ahead.


2021 also begins with the launch of ” Bel Ombre. Lamer. Later. Lavi. ” the declination of the new identity of the territory of Bel Ombre, whose objective is to bring together, under a single name, all the assets of the offer of this region. “Maintain”, “unify”, “protect” and “enhance” are the key actions related to the development and enrichment of this new territorial brand, which was launched at the end of 2020.


The hope and optimism of the beautiful days have set a date for 2021, may the new season be beautiful!


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