A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Heritage Resorts

The history of the island is narrated by the travellers, explorers, and settlers of the past centuries: Portuguese sailors, European colonizers, Africans, Indians, Chinese and Gujarati merchants… The influx of immigrants and the island’s strategic position along the Spice Trade Route have made Mauritius a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Our chefs at Heritage Resorts (we have 12 restaurants!) blend their know-how with spices and seasonal produce to cater to all, from the most adventurous palate to the pickiest eater.


1. Infinity Greek Salad

Infinity Greek Salad
Snag a table at Infinity Blue, the quintessential beach café. The Infinity Greek Salad, a modern spin on traditional Greek food, is an ode to summer. Tangy feta, cool cucumber, cherry tomatoes, red onion, herbs, pita bread, vinaigrette on the side and panoramic views of the sea will turn this salad into a favorite for those balmy days of summer. We love: the crunchy texture of cucumbers, that it is light but filling, the taste of summer in Mauritius.



2. Paneer Tikka Masala

Paneer tikka masala at Zafarani - Indian restaurant
Chef Deepak of Zafarani whips up a batch of paneer, an Indian cheese, by curdling scalding hot milk with lemon juice. Similar to tofu in texture, paneer’s blandness makes it the perfect protein to add to a zesty tikka masala. The beautifully-plated, nourishing meal is served in a traditional Indian metallic dish and pot. The simplicity of the meal contrasts with its vibrant zestiness and the accompaniments served alongside: crispy fried papadums, naan flatbread, yellow split pea dholl, crudités and achards – pickled fruit and veggies. Basically, the kind of meal that feeds a hungry belly. We love: its comfort-food status, the flavours, the rainbow of colours of your plate (as colourful as the restaurant’s decor), the menu with countless vegetarian options.



3. Fettuccini Kuzini-Style

Fettuccini kuzini style, italian dish
Kuzini, the recent newcomer to the Heritage Resorts restaurants, serves Italian comfort food inspired by the chef’s passion for homey food that makes people happy. The Italian eatery serves a green fettuccini (spinach) pasta dish with cherry tomatoes bursting with flavour. It is simple and exquisite. The contemporary restaurant will quickly become a habit – though a good one. It seems as though no matter how much of a globetrotter one is, good italian food is always welcome. Be sure to save some room for coffee and dessert. We love: Italian food.



4. Cannelloni, Revisited

Cannelloni, Revisited
Dinner at the Château de Bel Ombre is like climbing into a time machine. The colonial architecture, beautiful old wood furnishings and dramatic location will take you back to the 1900s. The farm-to-fork cuisine guarantees only the freshest ingredients are used. The Chef sources his products from the Domaine. While the carnivorous can indulge in venison from the chassé, vegetarian foodies will delight in an asparagus cannelloni with creamy goat cheese and herbs, a sesame croquant, caramelised citrus fruit for the tang, balsamic beads and edible flowers. The beautifully plated dish is a feast for the eyes. Sip an after-dinner drink on the large veranda that overlooks the Bel Ombre estate. We love: the enchanting decor, the gastronomic cuisine, the farm-to-fork approach.



5. Cold Cherry Tomato and Green Apple Soup

Cold Cherry Tomato and Green Apple Soup
The best way to see Mauritius is to eat everything in sight. A good place to start is the C Beach Club, a breezy open-air restaurant on the beach. Yes, you heard us, you can eat while you bask in the sun. Barefoot. Lunch here is as filling or as light as you want it to be. While it’s hard to turn down a firewood pizza, you may want to sample our cold cherry tomato and green apple soup, perfect to beat the summer heat. It is served with a mozzarella and red chilly salsa and a rye bruschetta on the side. The healthy dish is visually enticing too. We love: it is healthy, the burst of flavours, the spice.