A taste of France – Interview with Chef Ravi Kanhye

Ravi Kanhye has been selected by a committee chaired by Chef Alain Ducasse to participate in the culinary campaign “Good France”. He will be presenting his menu at Le Château de Bel Ombre on March 19th but meanwhile he answered a few questions about his passion for his job and for France.

1. Why the culinary campaign “Good France”?

On one hand, this is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the Mauritian know-how to international chefs. On the other hand, it allows us to pay tribute to French cuisine, which inspires us every day.

2. Your relationship with French cuisine?

In Mauritius, our training is based on French cuisine and from the beginning of our career, we are inspired by its fineness. It undoubtedly creates vocations and helps develop specific cooking skills while enriching our local cuisine.

3. Your favourite French starter / main / dessert?

My favourite starter: Foie gras

My favourite main: Roasted lamb

My favourite dessert: Chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream

4. Have you ever been to France?

No, I didn’t have the opportunity to go there yet. I’m still dreaming of doing a culinary trip that will allow me to meet great chefs such as Bocus, Alain Ducasse or Patrick Bertron.

5. The French chef who inspires you?

Chef Alain Ducasse because he knows how to cook with islands products in a highly technical way and for his ability to enhance the taste of a basic product. In my career, I had the opportunity to work with two French chefs who have really inspired me: Chef Bruno Le Gac and Chef Dominique Grel.

6. What do you think of reality shows such as Top Chef?

I love the creativity in our profession, challenges, this race to perfection and this strong desire to satisfy food lovers… So I think culinary reality shows do bring all these elements together and may create vocations. They are the opposite of monotony.

7. Your biggest fear in cooking?


8. You greatest pleasure in cooking?

To be as close as I can to perfection and give a twist to classics.

9. Why did you choose cooking as a profession?

My grandfather was a very good chef at the Ferney sugar company (Deep River, Beau Champs) and I loved looking at him while he was working. Today, when I remember his creations, I realize what he was able to do without the facilities that we have nowadays, and I find it wonderful. I can say that he inspired me in the first place.

10. One word to describe your job?


11. Any advice to aspiring chefs?

Never think you’ve learned enough for there is no end to the culinary sphere.

12. The ingredient you cannot cook without?

I love cooking with local products and I enjoy using tropical fruits in my recipes. I love mixing sweet and sour in my dishes.

Chef Alain Ducasse culinary Good France

Refinement, generosity and a touch of audacity…these are the key ingredients of Chef Ravi Kanhye to provide foodies with a fascinating gastronomy experience. Tasted at Heritage Resorts only!