Transformational journeys at Heritage Resorts

Wellness holidays are a growing trend, and hotels that offer a holistic wellness experience are in greater demand than ever. Indeed, travel is being redefined as an inner journey, a transformational experience, a quest for happiness. That is precisely what Heritage Resorts seeks to offer its guests with its new menu of Wellness activities and treatments.


Reconnect with nature

Reconnecting with nature

Bel Ombre is a truly extraordinary setting for a holiday: on the one hand is the protected Heritage Nature Reserve, and on the other a spectacular lagoon. Staying at Heritage Resorts is an opportunity to reconnect with nature. The estate is located near several natural energy centres including the Riambel Energy Vortex, Gris-Gris and Le Morne Mountain – “places which are true forces of nature”, notes Hélène Cassan, Heritage Resorts’ Wellness and Spa consultant.


Your transformational journey begins in the great outdoors. Take part in “Mindful Nature Connections” to recharge your batteries and benefit from the natural energy of the elements. Choose from experiences including Wellness Nature Trails, Shinrin-Yoku forest baths and guided meditation sessions. You’ll be accompanied by a wellness expert from the Seven Colours Spa, who will teach you relaxation techniques along the way – from breathing exercises to tree-hugging, to simply taking off your shoes and immersing your feet in river water or reconnecting with the earth.


Tip #1: Take part in a meditation session on a platform at the Morne mountain. It’s a must-do!



Take care of your health

Yoga and Tai Chi sessions at the Wellness Pavillon of Heritage Le Telfair Golf and Wellness Resort


Back at the hotel, make your way to the Seven Colours Spa for a comprehensive range of holistic treatments and services. Yoga, Pilates, Tai Chi and Qi-Gong are available as group lessons or one-on-one. These aren’t just sports classes: you are encouraged to make each movement mindfully, to help reconnect your body and soul.


Tip #2: Let our experts teach you to breathe better. It may seem like the most natural thing in the world, but breathing exercises help oxygenate the brain and reduce stress.


Heritage Le Telfair also offers its guests the services of an osteopath and holistic nutritionist. At the Seven Colours Wellness Pavilion, personalised care is a priority; the objective is to meet every guest’s individual needs and desires. “We work with a large number of golfers and kite-surfers, addressing muscular tension, chronic pain and even injuries via tailored recovery programmes,” explains Hélène. The therapists’ aim is not only to use healing techniques on their clients, but also to encourage them to adopt beneficial habits on a daily basis.


Tip #3: In the immortal words of primatologist Jane Goodall, “you are what you eat”. Want to stick to a healthy diet during your stay? A range of delicious “health and well-being” dishes, created by our chef in consultation with our nutritionist, are available in all of our restaurants!



Rebalance your chakras

Rebalancing chakras

Energy balancing is one of Seven Colours’ specialties (in fact, the spa’s name is a reference to the seven chakras in the human body!). The next step in your journey of transformation is to locate energy blockages and improve energy flow thanks to Ohashiatsu, chakra balancing and Reiki sessions. Not quite sure how these practices work? At the very least, they are extremely relaxing, and your therapist will recommend ways for you to reap the benefits of each session well after its conclusion.


Tip #4: Give Ohashiatsu a try! Derived from traditional Japanese Shiatsu, Ohashiatsu is a holistic technique that promotes personal development and healing. It combines the benefits of exercise and meditation with an Eastern approach to wellness, and helps improve the body’s energy flows to achieve balance, harmony and wellbeing.



Treat yourself

Spa treatments at Heritage Le Telfair

It’s important to unwind and treat yourself to some pampering while on holiday – so make sure to try out the relaxing treatments on offer at the Seven Colours Wellness Pavilion. Inspired by the traditions of our multicultural island, our therapists offer typically Mauritian massages and body scrubs alongside reflexology and chakra balancing. Certain treatments that draw on the healing properties of semi-precious gems, hot volcanic stone and aromatherapy give the massages a multisensorial dimension.


Tip #5: Join us in May 2020 for the Heritage Resorts Wellness Festival! The long-awaited second edition of the event will see local and international experts run a wide range of wellness workshops.


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