My 7 rules to enjoy Heritage C Beach Club – Bel Ombre Mauritius

And there are those places, where you feel so comfortable and shameless to be lazy and to just chill.

The Heritage C Beach Club is one of those places… Whenever you feel like connecting with your loved ones and enjoying some great food and drinks barefoot in the sand, this is the idyllic spot.


Yet, coming down to the C Beach Club is not an ordinary or impulsive decision to take. It’s like crafting a piece of art with care and a delicate attention. Just like a ritual towards good and positive great vibes. If you want to enjoy this unique mythical beach club and its wild south atmosphere, there are a few rules that you might want to respect and know:


1. Visualize your roadtrip, driving down the coastal road with the gentle caress of the breeze and the warmth of the sunrays on your face…Take a deep breath and picture that moment.
2. Make sure that your loved ones are ready to follow you in this adventure.
3. Prepare your roadtrip’s Playlist and visualise that moment when you and your loved ones will be singing loud the unforgettable song of John Denver… ‘’Country Road, take me home, to the place I belong….’’. Or if you are more into local songs, you might want to include ‘’Ene Reve’’ from Patyatan… You got it? Well that’s already a good start.
4. Make sure to call the Team of Heritage C Beach Club and book a table for your brunch.
5. While you are at the office or busy at work, just google the location of Heritage C Beach Club. It’s okay if you are being overwhelmed by work or if your boss is being too stressful. After all, on Sunday you will forget about it…
6. Get your swimsuit, solar cream and sandals ready and packed …
7. Charge your phone to 100 % as you are about to take a lot of pictures. Can you feel the excitement? You are now close to enjoy a great and perfect Sunday…. 🙂


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Now that you have reached the Club, a very nice Team Member at the Main Gate will welcome you and guide you to the parking. You should now be enjoying the presence of the trees and walking towards the stone-made steps. When you see the Heritage C Beach Club Logo, you will definitely be taking the ‘’Groupfie’’ with loads of fun and laugh as no-one really knows how to take that damn group selfie… We all know that friend who will have already posted the picture on his or her Instagram with the #cbeachclub, #familytime #friendsforever #roadtrip #south #chill, #beach, #Mauritius hashtags.


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Let’s now walk towards the beach and its restaurant and bars. You would usually have a look at the nice boutiques at the entrance. The nice ladies there will definitely help you when on your way back you will stop to buy that nice bag you saw when you came in earlier…


Perfect beach set up for fun and to relax


You should now be overlooking the pool and the blue azure lagoon farther. The green vegetation of the beach, the nice sunbeds set in a cosy and cocooning way are just appealing. While walking around, you will not resist at the ‘Minuty’ Cote de Provence from our famous ‘’CALANCA’’ Ros Wine Cellar or the typical ‘’Chayot Crush‘’ from our Gin Bar. Pop in at the Boat House for the sea-activity you will experience later; Windsurfing and Stand Up Paddle for the brave and Pedalo or kayak for the more courageous one…

If you meet Dominique or one of his team member, make sure to ask a nice set-up on the pool-deck or to set a nice family style table for your tapas and your brunch later.

Now, put your sandals aside, just lie on the sunbed and take a deep breath again. Remember when you were at work and you were craving for this very moment. Contemplate and appreciate it, smile, look at your loved ones, sip your cocktail or drink and say it to yourself… “This is where I am meant to be and I totally deserve and acknowledge the happiness and the good vibes of Heritage C Beach Club.

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