18 tips to play our 18-hole championship golf course

The golf course of Heritage Golf Club may be easy on the eyes but can be quite challenging. To help you play your best game, we asked its course designer, the renowned Peter Matkovich to share his best tips.

Clubs ready and gloves on? Then let’s begin.

Matkovich’s advice to golfers playing Heritage Golf Club’s course for the first time is to “play to your abilities and enjoy the risk and reward opportunities the course will provide.” He moreover says that “it is often wiser to play safe, especially in the wind, as golf is not just about hitting but the strategy surrounding each shot.”

And for each hole:
Hole 1 is a Par 4, 419m. Make sure that you have enough club left for your 2nd shot as the elevation & prevailing winds are deceptive.

Hole 1

Hole 2 is a Par 4, 476m. Keeping your ball in play is the key to your success on this long par 5. The undulating green is the trickiest part.

Hole 3 is Par 3, 180m. It’s always better to be below the flag on this greens that slopes from back to front.

Hole 4 is a Par 4, 398m. You need to control the distance on your second shot to this elevated green and if anything, try to miss a bit left.

Hole 4

Hole 5 is a Par 4, 305m. True risk and reward, you need to avoid the valley down the left side.

Hole 6 is a Par 4, 390m. Favour the right side off the tee as the ball will feed down to the fairway. Look out for the prevailing wind off the left.

Hole 7 is a Par 5, 517m. This is a 3 shorter for most, so plan your attack and play to your strengths.

Hole 8 is Par 3, 211m. There is a bit more space on the left than you think and ensure that you play the distance indicated.

Hole 9 is a Par 4, 305m. With the wind behind sometimes it’s no more than a 6 iron off the tee to play for position.

Hole 10 is a Par 4, 381m. Check the wind off the tee as driver is often too much club.

Hole 10

Hole 11 is Par 4, 371m. If you don’t catch your drive, think of laying up down the left side and using your stroke.

Hole 12 is a Par 4, 337m. There is little reward if you can’t reach the green so choose a club that will keep you short of the bunkers off the tee.

Hole 13 is a Par 3, 178m. Choose the right club and play for the middle of the green.

Hole 14 is a Par 5, 499m. It takes two big hits to get home in two here but you need to pay attention to this multi-tiered green.

Hole 15 is a Par 3, 167m. Wind plays a big part in the club selection, check the tree tops if you can’t feel it on the tee.

Hole 16 is a Par 3, 178m. There is a lot more space to the right than you can see off the tee and check the pin position on this deep green.

Hole 17 is a Par 4, 423m. Don’t be fooled by the flag, the line off the tee is down the middle of the fairway favouring the left side.

Hole 17

Side Note: The 17th hole of Heritage Golf Club proudly stands on the 9th position of “The Hardest holes of the European Tour”. During the Afrasia Bank Mauritius Open held at Heritage Resorts in 2015, Villas Valriche, one of the tournament’s sponsors offered to award one of its luxury villas of the value of US$ 1 million to the player who would achieve an Eagle on the 17th hole on the final day of the tournament. As you might guess, no player returned home keys in hand.

Hole 18 is a Par 5, 523m. A tactical approach usually brings good results on the closing hole.

Hole 18

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