TRAVEL DIARIES: Jetting-off to Paradise

Travel Diaries: Jetting-off to Paradise

Photojournalist, Robert Michael Poole and Vlogger, Marcy Yu are what you would call “digital nomads.” In other words, they combine work and travel using technology and social media. Robert shoots candids of his travels to faraway places, and writes about his experiences while Marcy works on her digital travel diary and coveted Instagram account. The two travel companions flew to Mauritius for a barefoot holiday made of up wet bikinis, salty hair and a five-star resort. [1]

A vegetarian guide to the Heritage Resorts

A Vegetarian’s Guide to the Heritage Resorts

The history of the island is narrated by the travellers, explorers, and settlers of the past centuries: Portuguese sailors, European colonizers, Africans, Indians, Chinese and Gujarati merchants… The influx of immigrants and the island’s strategic position along the Spice Trade Route have made Mauritius a melting pot of cultures and cuisines. Our chefs at Heritage Resorts (we have 12 restaurants!) blend their know-how with spices and seasonal produce to cater to all, from the most adventurous palate to the pickiest eater.

Sporting events not to be missed at Heritage Resorts

Sporting events not to be missed at Heritage Resorts

Heritage Resorts’ in an avid supporter of outdoor sports (rather unsurprising given the hotels’ proximity to nature and the beach). From trails to golf tournaments, from wellness retreats to kitesurf competitions, there isn’t a single moment of boredom at the Heritage Resorts. And for those who aren’t so eager to compete or partake in the activity, there are always the swimming pools, the beach and the relaxing sunbeds.

Riad trip across the south of Mauritius

Road Trip across the south of Mauritius

There’s nothing quite like the exhilaration of going off the beaten path, where routes are infinite and there are no wrong turns. Mauritius is your oyster, which only yearns to be devoured. Departing from one of our Heritage Resorts in Bel Ombre, you are headed in discovery of the wild Southern Coast. Don your sunnies and lather your sunscreen – you’re ready to wander across changing landscapes, dips and rises, forests and waterfalls. Instagrammers and Snapchatters, keep your camera poised for some serious wanderlust-inspiring photos.