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Corporate Social Responsibility

The protection of the environment is a central concern for Heritage Resorts which, for several years, has been putting into place actions to preserve Mauritius’ natural resources and to raise awareness within the community. The hospitality brand has pledged to dedicate resources to this cause for the next five years.

“Respect our Coast” campaign

This campaign, in partnership with Reef Conservation, aims at drawing attention to the fragility of Mauritius’ coastline and ways to contribute to its preservation. This NGO focuses on the protection of the island’s marine environment through research, restoration, education and training. With its educational bus project (Mobile Marine Education Unit), the association puts marine science and environmental issues within the reach of the general public and students. This unique class is equipped with fun presentations, interactive tools, as well as laboratory equipment. The project is part of a long-term partnership with the association.

The Plankton project

Heritage Resorts is one of the hotels in the region to recycle its plastic and glass bottles through the Plankton project. Effective since December 2011, this project responds to both ecological and economic problems. Its purpose is to provide an environmental and sustainable solution to the issue of waste management. Moreover, it creates jobs for locals, reduces carbon emissions from garbage trucks and provides an ecological finished product, which previously had to be imported. The Recycling Unit currently processes around 1.5 tonnes of glass bottles and 250 kg of plastic bottles per month.

The little things that count

Heritage Resorts has a wastewater treatment plant, an air conditioner system with compressor control and encourages its guests to manage their energy consumption. All of its twelve restaurants use products sourced from the Domaine de Bel Ombre. The 1,300 hectares of endemic flora and fauna of the Frédérica Nature Reserve are protected in association with the Mauritius Wildlife Foundation. Heritage Golf Club is an eco-friendly course, thanks to various measures taken for the protection of the environment.